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Michael Tokaruk Turns Up the Heat at Brownland Fall I

Michael Tokaruk and Eagle Eyes PS lead the victory gallop in the $25,000 Brownland Grand Prix during Brownland Fall I. Photo Lili Weik

Franklin, TN – September 9, 2019 – Michael Tokaruk of Tokaruk Show Stables in Collierville, Tennessee, celebrated a stellar week at the Brownland Fall I horse show as he took the lead in the victory gallop in the $25,000 Grand Prix on Eagle Eyes PS, owned by Irish rider, Richie Maloney. Tokaruk also slipped into a third-place finish on Amanda Cole and Zen Ventures LLC’s Junta. In a field of 26 riders, 11 jumped clear to head into the jump-off.

Slipping into third-place in the $25,000 Brownland Grand Prix was Junta with Tokaruk in the tack. Photo Lili Weik

“When there are that many clean rounds you know it's going to be a fast jump-off," commented Tokaruk. "The first few riders to go all had rails trying to set the time so I just tried to be efficient and clean. I came back in the middle and end of the order so that helped as well. The jump-off suited Eagle Eyes – I had already won the class on him when I went in on Junta, which is a great feeling. You can only increase your prize money at that point.  The jump-off was good for her (Junta) too but I couldn’t go as fast as I wanted; she has only done a few grand prixs in her life but she was great.” 

Eagle Eyes PS is for sale, a specialty of Tokaruk’s as he successfully shows, promotes and sells mid to higher level jumpers as well as hunters and derby horses. Eagle Eyes was double clear in Gulfport this winter, double clear and won a welcome stake at Brownland in spring and earned numerous ribbons in Colorado this summer.  Tokaruk describes him as brave, scopey and careful.

“I usually don’t get all three qualities in one horse, you can usually get one with one or two of those qualities but he has all three. He gives you total confidence and he fights to jump clear. He’s a fun horse,” said Tokaruk.

Michael Tokaruk rode Steel the Love to win the $7,500 Welcome Stake at Brownland Fall I. Photo Lili Weik

As if the weather wasn’t hot enough, Tokaruk turned up the heat on the competition earlier in the week as he claimed the blue in $7,500  Welcome Stake with Steel the Love, owned by Shelby Beard and also took home fourth place with Eagle Eyes PS.

Legolas 175 and Michael Tokaruk claimed the 1.30m Jumper Championship with a second-place finish in the Stake class. 

Tokaruk was on a roll as he also earned the championship in the 1.30m jumpers and was second in the $5,000 1.30m Stake class with Legolas 175, owned by Derek Braun.

In addition to riding, Tokaruk coaches all levels of riders from the less experienced to junior and amateurs heading to the grand prix level. Tokaruk coached Jami Miller to a clean sweep in the Pre-Children’s/Adult jumpers to win the division championship on her thoroughbred, James. Miller won all three classes with spectacular rides all weekend. Miller keeps her horses at home in Kirksey, Kentucky, and ships in for lessons or meets up with Tokaruk at the shows.

Jami Miller and James made a clean sweep in the Pre-Children's/Adult Jumper division for the championship.

“She’s a pleasure to teach and a great student,” added Tokaruk. “She is willing to learn and improve and tries hard, she schedules riding and showing around her work schedule to accomplish her goals.”

Tokaruk would like to thank his team, his sponsors, and all of the owners for a successful season. Tokaruk always says it takes a village and he is grateful to say he has a great one!

In his spare time, which isn’t much, Tokaruk has been working on his large R rating for judging hunters and equitation. He earned his small r rating two years ago. He plans to get his jumper card next followed by a course design card. It's a way for him to see the industry from different perspectives.

Tokaruk will stay at Brownland for another week. He raves about the shows and was especially pleased they moved the Grand Prix to an earlier slot in the schedule for the horses, due to the unusually high temperatures they’ve been experiencing. 

Tokaruk and his stable plan to head to Tryon in October for two weeks then to California for the Sunshine circuit in Thermal, finishing the season in Las Vegas for the championships before heading to Wellington in December.

“We had a lot of fun in Vegas last year so we are looking forward to going again,” said Tokaruk.  “Once we get to Wellington we’ll stay as long as possible before we head home for spring.” 

As Tokaruk is making plans and reservations for future shows, he is accepting new clients of all levels, horses in training and sale horses. Contact Tokaruk and Tokaruk Show Stables to be a part of their team and plan and a great experience.

Please visit the website at or contact him through Facebook or Instagram @michaeltokaruk.

About Tokaruk Show Stables

Tokaruk Show Stables trains and sells hunters, equitation horses, and jumpers. They focus on teaching horses and riders to be their best — at some of the biggest horse shows across North America. Michael Tokaruk and the team at Tokaruk Show Stables work with quality horses and ponies and cater to serious riders in the Memphis and Mid-South region.

The facility is located in Collierville, Tennessee with 24 large stalls with plenty of lush grass paddocks for turnout. They have a large all-weather sand ring and several large grass fields for riding. Horses receive the finest training, care, feed, and daily attention as they are valuable athletes and are treated as such. Michael and the TSS staff customize a training and care program for every horse to suit its individual needs.

Michael's ability to ride earns him quality horses for sale that he successfully campaigns and promotes until sold. Contact him to sell or buy your next quality show horse. 

Tokaruk Show Stables

9580 E Shelby Dr Collierville, TN 38017


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