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Top 10 Things Horse People Can Do During Lockdown

What's on your top 10?

Are you feeling like everyday is Groundhog's Day? We’re all in this together. We’re used to busy schedules and no down-time so here’s a little help from Marketing4Equestrians to guide you through lockdown!

Photos by Rover and Martin (gale)! - named by the amazing intern squad of 2016 

#10a – Of course, ride, if you are not restricted by ‘shelter in place’.

#10b - If restricted by shelter in place - pull up a video of the medal finals or a derby and practice your judging skills. You can also send some of your videos to professionals for online critiques!

# 9 - Even out the breeches and polo tan.

#8 - Create new smoothies and recipes! At a later date, it may be necessary to practice social distancing from the refrigerator!

#7 - See how many Netflix movies you can binge on!

#6 – Workout with free workouts at

#5 - Finally learn Spanish. (or repeat #7 instead!)

#4 - Catch up on your paperwork, invoices and taxes! (or repeat #7 instead!)

#3 Catch up on ordering those photos and gifts you wanted from your favorite photographer.

#2 - Call friends about sale horses $$ And the number one thing to do on lockdown…

#1 - Update your website and social media content!    Call us for help and #stayhomestaywell!

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