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Red Coat Farm has #SuperSunday at Showplace Spring Spectacular II

Lisa Goldman-Smolen and Nike earned the victory gallop in the $40,000 Hits Grand Prix during the Showplace Spring Spectacular II at Hits Chicago. 

Crete, IL - June 18, 2019 – Lisa Goldman-Smolen and her Red Coat Farm/Gold Run Show Jumpers teams had a super Sunday at the Showplace Productions Spring Spectacular II horse show June 12-16 at Hits Chicago. The team came off of a strong week of winning at Brownland Farm at the end of May followed by a light Spring Spectacular I, while the remainder of the team arrived week II to take top prizes in numerous divisions this weekend.

“It’s been a really good week,” said Goldman-Smolen.  “We had a lot of customers here who all had moments of brilliance!”

For decades, Goldman-Smolen and her mother, Mary Goldman, have been a team that is tough to beat. Their Red Coat Farm is located in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois and offers boarding, training, lessons and showing. Not only does Goldman-Smolen get top ribbons, but their clients are at the top of the standings as well. The “barn family” as Goldman-Smolen calls it, learns from each other, pitches in, and is the best support crew around.

“We work really hard and my mom and I are a great team,” said Goldman-Smolen. “We have a fantastic barn family for support which helps a lot.  I also got to teach 15 kids over pretty much the exact same course today before the prix! It’s a big support system in so many ways!”

What makes Red Coat riders successful from the .85m to the grand prixs?

“The hours and hours and hours you put in behind the scenes that no one sees,” commented Goldman-Smolen. “My riders jump in to ride any horse, they are here all the time, all day, to set jumps and hold horses. I have an eleven or twelve year old rider who set jumps with me all day on Sunday.  They get to see the right and the wrong things that our other riders do and they learn what works and what doesn’t.”

The work ethic the Red Coat riders have been taught puts them right in the mix with hands on learning that can’t be taught in the riding school. The proof is in their success.

Lisa Goldman-Smolen and her go-to horse, Sovereign, took the second place spot in the grand prix week I & II.

Goldman-Smolen kicked off week II with a bang, winning the top two spots in the $10,000 Johnson Transport Welcome on Nike and Hindsight, while client Addie Rohrbach took third on her Villadam and Kyle Perkovich finished in 7th on Hit Me Van’t Zorgvliet.  

Addie Rohrbach and Villadam.

Goldman-Smolen then took home 2nd place on Barbara Disko’s Sovereign in the Grand Prix during both week I and II of Spring Spectacular and won the $40,000 Grand Prix week II on Nike. She also cashed in on the $20,000 Jumper Prix 1.40m earning checks for 2nd,4th and 6thplaces with Hindsight, Nike and Bengtsson VDL respectively. 

Kyle Perkovich and Hit Me Van't Zorgvliet jumped to the top spot in the $7500 Smartpak Jr/Am Classic 1.40m.

One of the big client winners this past week was Kyle Perkovich, who won the $7500 Smartpak Jr/Am Classic 1.40m with Hit Me Van’t Zorgvliet and took third with Nancy Whitehead’s Rocscalla.

With a barn full of amazing horses doing their jobs at all levels, Goldman-Smolen admitted it would be tough to pick a favorite although Sovereign is her go-to horse, who never disappoints. He jumped double clean and was second at Brownland, Showplace I and Showplace II in addition to his already lengthy resume. Nike however is right up there as well, also double clean at Brownland, won on Wednesday in the Welcome, double clean Friday and then won the prix. Goldman-Smolen admits she is lucky to have such great horses, thanks again to her support team and wonderful owners, who help bring them up the ranks. 

Red Coat and Gold Run will be staying in Chicago for Spring Spectacular III.

“We love Pat (Boyle), we love Chicago, we love Hits, they’ve done a great job with the improvements and we really like it here,” added Goldman-Smolen.

Other Red Coat Riders in the Winner's Circle

M&S Low Child/Adult Jumper Classic

Winner Stephanie Renguso and Nora B and Champion

2nd - Kate Cornell and Rossi Bianci, won 

/.,knhyuthe Low Child/Adult class/Reserve Champion

Champion 1.0m 

Nora B and Stephanie Renguso

Rossi Bianci and Kate Cornell

Champion .90m – Nora B – Stephanie Renguso

NAL Jr/Am 1.25m Classic

3rd- Madelyn Cardelli and Centurion B

 NAL Jr/Am 1.35m Classic

2nd - Madelyn Cardelli and Chasinta 

3rd– Addie Rohrbach with Rarity

$1,500 NAL Classic 

4th- Diego VD Endepoel and Rebecca Gutstein

9th- Radioactive and Nicole Noland was 9th and 

11th-Virantos and Karlee Boshold 

$1,500 M&S Modified Classic

 5th- Filippa DL and Malanya Bownes

6th- Really Truly and Hilary Dossett 

7th- Icon B and Isabella Kalvenes

$1,500 Puddle Jumper Classic 

2nd- Really Truly and Hilary Dossett  

3rd- Icon B and Isabella Kalvenes 

7th- Filippa DL and Malanya Bownes

$1,500 M&S Modified Classic

5th- Filippa DL and Malanya Bownes 

6th- Really Truly and Hilary Dossett 

7th- Icon B and Isabella Kalvenes

Junior Hunters 3’3”

1st, 3rd- Jupiter and Emma Gutstein 

2nd - in the combined 3’3”/3’6” Classic

2nd  - IHJA Mini Medal

Puddle Jumpers

1st- Morgan Fitzpatrick and Mojito

2nd- in the IHJA Child Mini Medal 

Novice Children’s Hunters

2nd & 6th - Mary Fitzpatrick and Titan Rouge

3rd– Modified Child and 6th in the M&S Novice Hunters.

Congratulations Red Coat Team!

Gold Run Show Jumpers/Red Coat Farm   Located at Red Coat Farm 24675 West Gilmer Rd Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047 847-837-8000


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