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Michael Burnett Wraps Up 2021 with Eight Grand Prix Victories

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Burnett Farm Riders Earn Top Ribbons

Michael Burnett and Chagrand earned seven grand prix victories in 2021.

Carmel, IN – November 16, 2021 - Grand Prix rider Michael Burnett of Carmel, IN, wrapped up a stellar 2021 show season with his string of talented jumpers and his growing list of clients. Adding eight grand prix wins to his resume along with 14 top-three grand prix placings, Burnett continues to bring his horses up the ranks, earning close to a million dollars in jumper money to date.

Burnett’s Chagrand, a twelve-year-old Oldenburg by Chacco-Blue, visited the winner’s circle numerous times this season claiming the win in seven grand prixs including Brownland, Midstates, Culpeper, and Saugerties. They started the season as well as they finished, earning a win in the 1.40m jumpers at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) and continued their success from there. The pair also took second place honors in the $50,000 Lamplight Grand Prix and the $25,000 World Equestrian Center (WEC) Grand Prix and finished third in the $25,000 Devon Fall Grand Prix.

“I love that he’s [Chagrand] extremely hot and smart about the rails! He’s a great competitor and what makes us click is our very straightforward program. We only jump as much as it takes for him to understand the job and the rest is just great fitness and conditioning,” commented Burnett.

Windara Farms' Luxus Liner S and Michael Burnett. Photo Lili Weik Photography

In Traverse City, MI, at the Platinum Zone 5 Jumper Championships, Burnett rode Windara Farms’ Luxus Liner S to the Individual Bronze Medal. Burnett started with Luxus in 2020 after Wanda Dodd purchased the horse at the end of the WEF circuit. Burnett rode the twelve-year-old to the win in the $10,000 St. Louis Grand Prix in December of 2020 and went on the win the Maffit Lake Welcome Stake. They also earned several top-three finishes in the Maffit Lake and Midstates grand prixs and took home the 1.30m Jumper Championship at the Constitution Classic in Culpeper, VA.

Owner Wanda Dodd and the family enjoy having a string of horses to support Burnett and their granddaughter Kait Meggenhofen’s goals. While some of the horses Dodd has purchased have hit the grand prix ring, the rest are still inexperienced prospects gaining mileage with Burnett in the tack. One of the young prospects is by Arezzo VDL, who had siblings in the recent Olympics.

Kait Meggenhofen and VDL Ivar. Photo Winslow Photography

VDL Ivar is one of the younger ones, owned by Windara Farms and Dodd, working its way up the ranks as an eight-year-old KWPN by Gaillard De La Pomme. Burnett rode the horse to the win in the 1.25m Jumper Stakes at Midstates and Maffitt Lake and took a second place ribbon in the 1.20m at the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival. In addition, the horse earned great ribbons with Meggenhofen in the Modified Children’s/Adult Jumper division.

Michael Burnett and Fiji Moon. Photo Winslow Photography

Claiming another grand prix victory was Burnett’s Fiji Moon, an eight-year-old Holsteiner by Diarado, who won a $20,000 Midstates Grand Prix. The duo also placed first and third in the 1.40m division at the Devon Fall show and won the Welcome Stake at Swan Lake.

Burnett Farm's Program

Burnett’s program is dedicated to the details and concentrates on one-on-one training for both riders and horses. Flatwork is essential and the fitness of the horses is key. Burnett hosts a Chris Kappler Clinic annually and gets a great school on his horses early in the summer from the Olympian. Burnett is very disciplined when it comes to riding and is passionate about his goals. His riders love his focused attention and the success that follows.

Wanda Dodd and Casal I. Photo Winslow Photography

Burnett Farm riders added great ribbons to the tack room banner during the season from the hunter rings as well as the jumper rings. Even owner Dodd [Pendleton, IN] gets in the tack for the Low Adult Jumpers and claims prizes with her Casal I.

Gabriella Lewis and Lex Toccino. Photo Lili Weik Photography

Gabriella Lewis [Zionsville, IL] earned her spot in the Gold Star Clinic East with Anne Kursinski from her performance in the jumper ring. In the hunter ring, Lewis piloted Lex Toccino to top ribbons in the 3’3” Junior Hunters and collected a championship in St. Louis.

Taylor Embs with Michael Kvistad's Italian Syndicate.

Rider Taylor Embs [Westfield, IN] of Sterling Shields Stables, earned top jumper ribbons on Burnett’s Irbywoodand Italian Syndicate and landed a championship in the Hopeful Jumpers at Brownland.

Emma Green and Clinton.

Emma Green [Carmel, IN] and Clinton stole the Low Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper division at the Midstates show taking home the championship and the Classic win. Green also rode to a second place finish in the 1.20m speed class at Split Rock.

Annie Crawley and Kris.

Annie Crawley [Catawissa, MO] of Sunridge Sporthorses, claimed the High Adult Jumper Classic and the championship at Brownland Farm. She also won the High Adult Jumper Classic at Maffitt Lake with her Thoroughbred, Kris.

Corinne Mitchell, Michael Burnett, and Annie Crawley.

Burnett Farm also welcomed Corinne Mitchell [Worden, IL] and her horse Roscoe to the program this year.

Burnett Farm plans to show at the World Equestrian Center in Ohio before heading to Wellington, FL, for the winter. Stalls are available for lease at the Burnett Farm Indiana location for the winter months.

Barn manager Patricia Henderson keeps everything organized and running while Burnett is on the road. Burnett Farm is grateful for her hard work and her contributions to the barn's success. Also special thanks to Alexandra Veleris and her Third Coast Equestrian for organizing another successful Chris Kappler Clinic and for her support at the Platinum Performance Championships. Thank you all for being part of the Burnett Farm village.

Contact Burnett Farm at for more information on the program, showing with Burnett Farm, or leasing stalls.

Grand Prix Highlights


1st- $30,000 Brownland Grand Prix

1st- 2 weeks in a row $15,000 Maffitt Lake Grand Prix

1st- $20,000 Midstates Grand Prix

1st- $20,000 HITS Culpeper Grand Prix

1st- $25,000 HITS Saugerties

2nd- $25,000 World Equestrian Center

2nd- $50,000 Lamplight Grand Prix

3rd - $25,000 Devon Fall

1st- 1.40m at WEF


Individual Bronze Medal $25,000 Platinum Zone 5 Jumper Championships

1st- $10,000 Dec. St Louis Grand Prix

1st- Welcome Stake Maffitt Lake

2nd- Welcome Stake Brownland

3rd- $15,000 Maffitt Lake Grand Prix

3rd- $20,000 Midstates Grand Prix

Champion 1.30m Jumpers /HITS Culpeper

1.35m Class winner/ World Equestrian Center


1st- Welcome Stake Swan Lake PA

1st- $20,000 Midstates Grand Prix

1st and 3rd in 1.40m Devon Fall Classic

1st- 1.30m HITS Chicago


1st- 1.25m Jumper Stake / Midstates and Maffitt Lake

2nd- 1.20m Great Lakes Equestrian Festival

Burnett Farm Riders Highlights

Fiji Moon and Gabriella Lewis

3rd- Med Jr/AO Jumpers /WEC Summer

2nd- 1.30m Ridge at Wellington

Lex Toccino and Gabriella Lewis

3’3” Junior Hunter Champion Dec./ St Louis

2nd- Junior Hunter Classic Dec. /St Louis

Gold Star Clinic with Anne Kursinski

Luxus Liner S and Kait Meggenhofen

3rd- Modified Child/Ad 1.15m Classic /WEC

VDL Ivar and Kait Meggenhofen

2nd- 1.15m Modified Child/Ad at /WEC

Casal I and Wanda Dodd

2nd- $1,500 Modified Child/Adult Classic/ Ledges

Ribbons in Low Adult /Split Rock, WEC, and Brownland

2nd- Midstates Starter Prix

Clinton and Emma Green

Low Jr/AO Jumper Champion & Classic winner/ Midstates

2nd- 1.20m speed /Split Rock

1st- Low Junior/AO Jumper/ WEC

Hennessy and Emma Green

3’6” Amateur Owner Hunter Champion/ Midstates

Kris and Annie Crawley

High Adult Jumper Classic winner and Champion/ Brownland Farm

High Adult Jumper Classic Winner/ Maffitt Lake

Italian Syndicate and Taylor Embs

Hopeful Jumper Champion/ Brownland

2nd- in (two) $1,500 High Child/Adult Classics /Ledges

Irbywood and Taylor Embs

Class wins in the 1.0m jumpers/ Brownland

3rd- High Child/Adult jumpers/ Ledges

Ribbons in 1.0m/ Split Rock

About Burnett Farm

Michael Burnett has an impressive resume in the jumper ring and a talent for bringing along young jumper prospects. Burnett is growing his farm in Lebanon, Indiana, and is accepting serious show clients, sale horses, and horses in training. Burnett’s teaching philosophy is based on the classical style of American riding and he is extremely passionate about his sport and dedicated to his clients.

Contact Michael Burnett for more information on Burnett Farm’s services and schedule at Follow them on Facebook at Burnett Farm.

Burnett Farm

Michael Burnett

1585 W 800 N Main Street

Lebanon, IN 46052

(317) 752-5240

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