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Kyle Perkovich Has His Eye on the Future

Updated: Apr 18

Kyle Perkovich and Quinto claimed the top spot in the $24,500 Horseflight Jumper Classic at HITS Ocala. Photo Dominique Gonzales.

Ocala, FL- February 1, 2024 – After a win in the $24,500 Horseflight Jumper Classic on Quinto this past weekend at HITS Post Time Farm in Ocala, Kyle Perkovich, of Long Grove, Illinois, has his eye on a career in the horse industry. Perkovich, only 22, has a nice list of accomplishments already on his resume and is eager to learn more. 

Perkovich was attending the University of Iowa for a degree in business analytics and information systems when he decided to put that on hold to pursue his equestrian goals. For now, horsemanship and mentorships are the priority as he continues to learn the ropes.

Perkovich can thank Red Coat Farm and Lisa Goldman-Smolen for his start and appreciation of horses. Their continued guidance and hands-on motto in the barn have led him to his current success. He started riding at the age of five and rode in his first grand prix at the age of 16 with his mount, Tresór Du Perron. Just two years later in 2019, Perkovich and Hit Me Van’t Zorgvliet won Phase I of the Neue Schule/USEF National Junior Jumper Championships at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show and had the opportunity to represent the United States at the FEI Jumping Junior Nations Cup in Tianjin China that same year. 

By June of 2022, he raced to the biggest win of his career with Rarity during the $50,000 HITS Grand Prix at the Lamplight Spring Spectacular III at HITS Chicago. 

Kyle Perkovich and Rarity winning the $10,000 Futures Prix at the World Equestrian Center Ohio.  Photo by Winslow Photography

At Traverse City 2023, he topped the Low Junior/Amateur-owner Classic on his longtime partner, Roc My World, and the Show Jumping Hall of Fame High Junior/Amateur-owner Jumper Classic on his ride, Tresor Du Perron. Just this past October, Perkovich set the tone for his future as he earned a one-two finish in the $10,000 Futures Prix with Rarity and Hit Me Van’t Zorgvliet, respectively at the World Equestrian Center Ohio.

With many more successes in the show ring aboard multiple rides, Perkovich continues to grow his knowledge and his love for horses daily. 

“Developing young horses brings me the greatest feeling of fulfillment; when they begin to listen to everything you ask of them and start to really engage with you, it’s truly an amazing experience. The greatest feeling of satisfaction I get is in the show ring at the highest level; whether it be international or the local grand prixs, that level of competition is an unmatched feeling. But it’s the relationship with the horse that means the most to me,” said Perkovich.

Quinto for example, is just turning eight, but back in 2021, the pair were getting their feet wet in the five-year-old

jumpers and the 1.10-1.15m divisions. The duo moved up the young jumper ranks successfully to clinch their first 1.35m win in June of 2023 in the HITS $5,000 1.35m Jumper Classic at the Lamplight Spring Spectacular. 

Perkovich has won approximately $160,000 in lifetime jumper money so far with sights for more on the horizon.  In the meantime, he continues to welcome opportunities to ride and will continue to soak up as much information as he can about the business and care of the horses. He plans to complete the winter circuit in Ocala and is looking at his options for the summer.  (photo inset Dominique Gonzales)

Between his parents and the support of Red Coat Farm, Perkovich has a great team behind him to help him reach his goals and find his spot in the horse world. 


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