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Zacharie Jombart is U.S. Distributor For Meyer Selles

Now Available During Ocala and Wellington Winter Circuits

Meyer Selles USA distributor Zacharie Jombart is available for saddle fitting appointments in Ocala and Wellington, Florida during the winter circuits.

February 19, 2021 – Meet Zacharie Jombart, the USA distributor for the French saddle company, Meyer Selles. Jombart and his tack company, Selle à vie, are keeping up with the demands for saddle fittings during the winter circuits in Florida, where he often commutes between Wellington and Ocala to meet his customer’s needs. Jombart, a saddle fitting expert, makes comfort of the horse his number one priority with perfect fit solutions for every horse and rider for maximum performance in the show ring.

“First I fit the horse, then I fit the rider,” said Jombart about his step by step approach (pictured left). “If someone rides a lot of different horses, we pick a universal fit for the horse and then fit the flaps and seat to the rider.”

Meyer saddles meet the needs of any rider concerned about the well-being of the horse. Each member of the Meyer team comes from the equestrian world and receives appropriate training. Jombart has years of experience throughout France and the U.S .working with master saddle fitters and saddle makers. Frequent trips to France allow him to purchase and bring back high end products at great prices for his customers.

Meyer saddles are a mix of tradition and innovation, bringing to the market a simple yet sophisticated design. In collaboration with veterinarians and the best riders in the world like Olympic gold medalist Eric Navet in jumping and Odile Van Doorn in dressage, saddle makers Jean-François Meyer and Emile Goré conceived and created efficient saddles for both the rider and the horse.

Zacharie Jombart pays attention to the details when fitting horses and riders for a Meyer saddle. Photo Marketing4Equestrians

“I want the riders to ride in the saddle while I’m there so I can work with them to make the adjustments they need to get the feel they love in the tack. Meyer saddles create a close contact feel that riders want in a saddle,” added Jombart.

Since Meyer saddles have numerous options, fitting is an art that Jombart excels at. Riders can choose saddles for dressage, jumping and eventing with four different seat styles from deep to flat. Flaps come in three different styles from classic to hunter. In addition, Meyer saddles have two color options and come in calfskin or grained leather options. Personalize your Meyer saddle with signature color strips along the cantle with your barn color.

Selle à vie carries bridles and accessories as well including Flex-on stirrups, and top of the line Dy’on bridles as well as the new and popular Oaklyn girths. In addition to comfort, Selle à vie can cater to every budget with a large selection of name brand used saddles and equipment.

Contact Jombart directly to schedule an appointment anywhere in the United States. See the great selection of tack and accessories by visiting the website at

The correct saddle fit makes for perfect position and balance.

Zacharie Jombart

Selle à vie



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