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Oaklyn’s Eco-Friendly Girths Featured in Untacked Magazine

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Products inspired by the love of horses and the ground they gallop on.

Gwynedd Valley, PA – September 11, 2020 - Catch the September/October issue of Untacked Magazine, which features a review of Oaklyn Tack's eco-friendly girths! The stylish girths are not only beautiful and easy to care for, but are good for the environment to boot. Untacked author Kimberly Loushin explains the benefits of these new girths. The Oaklyn Terra girths are already sported by many well-known names in the equestrian world including grand prix rider Alex Granato and Mad Season' Josh Dolan, top hunter/jumper rider and Medal and Maclay Finals judge, Tammy Provost, of Meadow View Farm, World Championship Hunter rider and trainer, Peter Pletcher of PJP Farm, up and coming junior rider Molly Canfield of Galway Farm, and renowned Horse of the Year trainer as well as top equitation/junior trainer, Don Stewart of Don Stewart Stables, to name a few. Shane and Ali Sweetnam'schildren Olivia, Collin and Lucy are even sporting Oakly'ns smallest sizes on their adorable mounts in the pony rings.

Alex Granato and Day Glow sport the Oaklyn Terra Fancy Stitch Fleece Girth in the main hunter ring. Photo M4E Oaklyn’s state of the art girths are made of recycled polyester, harvested from plastic soda and water bottles, (15 bottles make one girth) and humanely sourced wool. The wool is obtained from American farmers who adhere to strict animal husbandry and land management standards, ensuring both the sheep and earth are treated humanely and respectfully. While the polyester used in Oaklyn’s girths is much more energy efficient and reduces

greenhouse gas emissions, the quality is not sacrificed as these girths are durable and beautiful.  Twin sisters Laura Santomauro and Emily Barrett of Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania, bring something new and unprecedented to the equestrian world with their eco-friendly products to create the innovative company, which is taking a greener approach to produce stunning fleece and non-slip girths.  Oaklyn offers girths with both non-slip and fleece liners, which can be easily replaced before buying an entirely new girth. They also have pattern and color options presenting  plain stitch, fancy stitch, and Argentinian patterns. Oaklyn also makes halter fleeces from their humanely sourced wool and is working on producing more ecofriendly products to expand their line. Oaklyn Tack has taken an everyday product for all horse people and adapted it to be better for the environment while still being affordable, practical, and beautiful. They’ve only just begun to create greener pastures for everyone! Easy Online Shopping Oaklyn Tack is an exclusively online company, all purchases can be made directly through the website at Products can also be purchased through Oaklyn’s Instagram and Facebook pages. Follow Oaklyn Tack on social media and enter their #GreenestRide contest to win great prizes! 

Thank you to Untacked Magazine for featuring OaklynTack!

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