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Integrity Farm Celebrates Success with Donations

Danny and Ron's Rescue Benefits from Wins

Izabelle Quadracci and Tipperary Hill won the Futures Prix at the World Equestrian Center.  

OCONOMOWOC, WI – July 21, 2020 – Integrity Farm trainers Kathleen Caya and Natalie Hansen of Oconomowoc, Wis., along with their clients, have been giving to others during the current pandemic crisis. Over the past few months, Caya made numerous efforts to support local small businesses, encouraged random acts of kindness, and contributed to a relief fund for workers in the equine industry. It’s no surprise she’s still thinking of others as the horse shows open up again, this time Integrity Farm clients are in on the fun, celebrating their success by contributing to Danny and Ron’s Rescue for every blue ribbon collected.

Danny and Ron’s rescue is a shelter based in Wellington, Fla., and Camden, SC, that began in 2005 after

Hurricane Katrina. They are most recently known for their documentary, Life in the Doghouse, on Netflix. They consider themselves a safe haven for dogs that otherwise would still be strays or euthanized at other shelters due to the higher level of care they require on a daily basis because of health issues. Danny and Ron also help the community by offering supplies, pet food, and covering vet bills for the impoverished elderly. At Danny and Ron’s, they truly go above and beyond in caring for the dogs, making them a worthy cause for pet lovers.

Caya, like most trainers, is a dog owner and lover herself, which made Danny and Ron’s an easy choice when it came to charities. Caya is going to match her client's donations in memory of her beloved dog Cadie, who passed away in June.

Caya is matching the donations in honor of Cadie (left), who passed away in June, while she still has Dottie, famous for her outfits and unicorn toy. 

“As horse people, we know now much work it can be to take care of animals, but our love for them makes it easy, and that’s why Danny and Ron’s made perfect sense. Celebrating our victories with our horses is extra special when you know you are contributing to a cause close to our hearts,” explained Caya. 

Caya and her team spent two weeks at the World Equestrian Center in Wilmington, Ohio, for week one and two of the summer series and a week at Ledges Summertime. Their victories raised over $100 in donations for Danny and Ron’s, without Caya's match, and they plan to keep adding it up for the remainder of the show season. Next they head to the Illinois Hunter Jumper Association 'A' Finals at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, Illinois. 

To make a one-time donation to Danny and Ron’s or to become a member of the Monthly Mutts

Club, visit the website at

To learn more about Integrity Farm, visit

Here are the big winners from the World Equestrian Center.

Kickstart to Summer Results

Tipperary Hill owned and ridden by Izabelle Quadracci

            1st place Medium Junior/AO                                      WEC Summer I

            Reserve Medium Junior/AO                                       WEC Summer I

            1st place Futures Prix                                                WEC Summer II

Scirocco owned by Susan Schmitt and ridden by Kathleen Caya

            2nd place 3’3” Performance Hunter                            WEC Summer II

Scirocco owned by Susan Schmitt and ridden by Mckenna Nagy

            3rd place 3’3” Junior Hunter                                       WEC Summer II

Primus Rex owned by Izabelle Quadracci and ridden by Kathleen Caya

            2nd place 3’0” Green Hunter                                       WEC Summer II

            2nd place 3’0” Green Hunter U/S                                WEC Summer II

Primus Rex owned and ridden by Izabelle Quadracci 

            3rd place 3’0” Adult Amateur Hunter                         WEC Summer II

Piri-Piri owned by Sweet Oak Farm and ridden by Mckenna Nagy

            2nd place Childrens Jumper                                         WEC Summer I

            1st place Children’s Jumper Classic                            WEC Summer I

            Reserve Childrens Jumper                                          WEC Summer I

            2nd place Childrens Jumper                                         WEC Summer II

Piri-Piri owned by Sweet Oak Farm and ridden by Kathleen Caya

             1st place Medium Schooling Jumper                          WEC Summer I

Ensor Van Het Moleneind owned by Elizabeth Brock and ridden by Kathleen Caya

            1st place Medium Schooling Jumper                          WEC Summer I

            1st place High Schooling Jumper                                WEC Summer II

Hailey V/D Trepkes owned by Emma G. Schwartz and ridden by Kathleen Caya

            1st place .80-.85m Jumper                                           WEC Summer II

Just Kidding owned by Sweet Oak Farm and ridden by Kathleen Caya

            2nd place 3’3” Green Hunter                                       WEC Summer II

            1st place 3’3” Green Hunter U/S                                 WEC Summer II

            Reserve 3’3” Green Hunter                                        WEC Summer II

Cilke Quality SC and Halle Quadracci

            Champion Children's Jumpers

            2nd NAL Classic 

Ledges Summer - August

Riveting and Kathleen Caya

            Reserve Champion Baby Green

Kavaleri and Kathleen Caya

            Champion Non-TB Hunter 

Kavaleri with Olivia Mazza

            Champion Children's Hunter and 2nd in NAL

Scirocco and Kathleen Caya

            Reserve Champion 3’6 Performance Hunters 

Scirocco and Mckenna Nagy -   PC Andrew Ryback

            Reserve Champion Junior Hunters  

            1st in Junior/AO Classic

Hamilton and Kathleen Caya

            owned by Susan Schmitt and Kathleen Caya

            Champion 3' 3" Performance Hunters

Zorro and Keri Viehe

            Reserve Champion Modified Adult

Primus Rex and Izabelle Quadracci -   PC Andrew Ryback

            Reserve Champion Adult Hunters

            1st in NAL Classic

Mckierian and Keri Viehe

            2nd in M & S Classic

Cilke Quality SC and Halle Quadracci

            Champion 1.15m Jumpers 

Stolze Lady and Evyn Lilly

            1st in Puddle Jumpers 

            1st in Modified Adult 


Joplin Ter Doorn and Anna Deubel - PC Andrew Ryback

            Champion 1.25m Jumpers

Tipperary Hill and Izabelle Quadracci

            2nd in $500 1.25m Classic

Ensor Van Het Molenind - PC Jennifer Mazza

Piri Piri - PC Jennifer Mazza

Piri Piri and Mckenna Nagy and Ensor Van Het Moleneind moved up to the Low Junior A/O Jumpers.

Congratulations also goes out to Konzerto and Stephanie Maahs, Halle Quadracci and Ursa Major, Liz Brock and Ensor, and Emma Schwartz and Lumineer for some great rounds.

Congratulations to all of Integrity’s ribbon winners and thanks for donating to Danny and Ron's Rescue! 

About Integrity Farm

Integrity Farm has two locations in Oconomowoc, one on the north side of town on Mapleton Road and one on the south side of town on Golden Lake Road. Both facilities have large stalls, heated indoor arenas, wash stalls, large outdoor arenas, spacious tack room and lounge areas and ample turnout. Integrity Farm provides lessons, training, boarding, horses for sale and lease, and summer camps.

Contact Integrity Farm for more information on their services and facilities.


Kathleen - (608) 217-4805 

Natalie - (414) 698-1934



N87W36615 Mapleton Road, Oconomowoc, WI 53066

1327 Golden Lake Road, Oconomowoc, WI 53066

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