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Diane Carney’s Spring-Summer Tour Goes Coast to Coast

Virginia Bartholomay's Cesna M with Margie Engle won classes at the Winter Equestrian Festival and Tryon in 2022. Photo: Sportfot West Palm Beach, FL – June 6, 2022- Diane Carney of West Palm Beach, has been busy this spring judging and teaching across the country at locations such as NY, Houston, Dallas, Indianapolis, Chicago, Sacramento, Burbank, World Equestrian Center (WEC) Ohio and Cincinnati. Carney’s diverse skills allow her to integrate her trips, traveling to clients to teach rather than working out of a single location. With a focus on correct rinding whether judging or teaching, Carney enjoys all the levels of riders she sees. “Balance of the riders and steering from leg has been the clinic focus this spring,” said Carney. “It’s hard for riders to go straight and change leads if their balance is in their hands.”

Diane Carney creates conversations and exercises for riders of all levels in her clinics. Carney is well versed in creating exercises for horses and riders to accomplish specific goals. Her past experiences, judging and teaching, give her a well-rounded perspective on what needs to happen in the ring and how riders need to prepare for what’s coming, such as Devon and medal finals. Now that everyone has learned about video, Carney can keep up with the progress of those she teaches by watching their rounds when they compete and can provide further feedback to riders and their trainers. Whether Carney is working with grand prix riders, professionals with derby horses, or young riders, the focus is the same, always the basics of riding. The professionals enjoy Carney’s experience as an accomplished national hunter and international grand prix rider, and appreciate her practical approach, having run her own Telluride Farm for 40 years.

A rider completes the exercises at the Sierra Woods clinic in Zionsville, Indiana. “The riders and I have conversations about training questions or setting schooling tracks that ask the right questions of the Dixon oval for example or managing the indoor finals. There’s a strategy with schedules for whatever their goals are and having experience is very valuable,” explained Carney. “I am very lucky and not afraid of working hard. I enjoy every day with horses and riders and love nothing more than to see riders and professionals reach their goals.”

Cesna M and Margie Engle winning at Tryon 2022. Carney’s busy summer includes judging in June before three weeks of showing in Traverse City. Longtime client Virginia Bartholomay will join Carney there to watch her Cesna M in the FEI with Margie Engle. Bartholomay herself has owned and ridden numerous horses with Carney as well as having a few investment horses. From the judges’ booth, riding at the horse shows has never been better claims Carney. “Horses and riders are putting in good round after good round. I really enjoy seeing great hunter competitions and unique local medal classes in different parts of the country,” added Carney. “It’s never a bad day at the office when you get to watch great horses in beautiful locations.” Carney has a few openings for 2022 and is booking judging and teaching for 2023. Check out her schedule at and contact her at to book.

Diane Carney Telluride Farm 847-922-6167

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